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and heat exchange equipment

We produce various original heat exchange equipment and distillation columns. The equipment meets the technical and operational requirements of the customer. Meets all technological safety standards.


We make distillation columns of packed and cap types.

Designed for direct atmospheric distillation of hydrocarbons: oil, pyrolysis liquid, and other wide fractions of heavy hydrocarbons (petroleum products).


Rectification products are:

  • gasoline distillate

  • kerosene-gas oil distillate, including diesel fractions with a boiling point in the range of 160 - 350 ° C,

  • VAT residue of distillation of hydrocarbon fractions with a boiling point of 300 ° C.

We make:

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers:

    • (with temperature casing compensator;

    • with fixed tubes;

    • with a floating head;

    • elemental heat exchangers;

    • with U-shaped tubes;

    • two-pipe (pipe in pipe)).

  • Recuperative heat exchangers of continuous and periodic action.

  • Sectional, coil and spiral heat exchangers.

  • Ribbed heat exchangers.

  • Mixing heat exchangers (cascade, shelf and barbatage).


The equipment can be manufactured for both stationary and mobile use.

The company is ready to produce equipment according to the drawings of the customer, as well as carry out design work according to the technical specifications of the customer.

Our company has extensive experience in this segment and uses the most modern production technologies.

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