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Designed for the destruction of waste of I-IV hazard class, in accordance with the most stringent sanitary and environmental standards.

Neutralizes and destroys any type of solid waste resulting from the activities of medical institutions, laboratories, chemical, pharmaceutical and biological industries, institutes, livestock enterprises, consumer service centers, airports, train stations, etc.




  • Medical waste class A, B, C, D;

  • Plastic waste, including those with chlorine-containing components;

  • expired pharmaceuticals;

  • Halogen-containing waste and others;

  • waste generated on board aircraft, railway wagons, sea and river liners;

  • Radioactive and explosive waste is not subject to destruction on this equipment.





  • This equipment uses the technology of high-temperature pyrolysis, followed by afterburning of the resulting gases, at temperatures of +1200…+1400°C.

  • No gasification or direct combustion technology is used for waste disposal;

  • The technological process does not use the combustion of natural gas, diesel or other hydrocarbon fuels, and as a result, economic and environmental performance is improved;

  • The design of the incinerator lacks gas and fuel facilities;

  • For the primary destruction of waste, environmentally friendly and affordable electricity is used;

  • The afterburning of pyrolysis gases is carried out in the oxidizer of the incinerator, at guaranteed temperatures of +1200–1400°C and the residence time of gases in the high-temperature zone for more than 2 seconds;

  • To maintain the temperature up to +1400°C, our own innovative technology is used - “fire tornado”;

  • 100% dust removal of flue gases;

  • Lack of smoke and smell;

  • Adsorption purification of gases on multicomponent adsorbers;

  • Automatic neutralization of working surfaces of the incinerator with aerosols of hydrogen peroxide and silver citrate;

  • Availability of technological nitrogen fire extinguishing system.





  • CCTV;

  • Continuous monitoring of flue gas emissions by a gas analyzer;

  • Incinerator excess heat recovery system for space heating, water heating, steam generation;

  • Generation of electricity from the obtained pyrolysis gases, for self-sufficiency and autonomy of the incinerator.



The incinerator is mounted in a 20-foot pre-insulated container.


The incinerator consists of:

  1. Pyrolysis reactor with electrical heating and a semi-automatic waste loading unit;

  2. Oxidizer - mine for high-temperature afterburning of pyrolysis gases;

  3. Block of shock cooling and neutralization of flue gases;

  4. Technological nitrogen fire extinguishing system;

  5. General ventilation system;

  6. Automatic container aerosol fire extinguishing system;

  7. Video surveillance system;

  8. Indoor and outdoor lighting;

  9. Power cabinet;

  10. Control cabinet, instrumentation;

  11. Industrial vacuum cleaner;

  12. first aid kit;

  13. Mat;

  14. Dispenser for disposable technological bags.





Overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm: 6000 x 2400 x 2400 .

Weight, kg: up to 8,000 .

Power consumption when entering the operating mode, kW: 90 .

Working power consumption, kW: 50-60 .

Productivity, kg/day: 60-30000 (depending on the requirements of the customer).


Warranty: 24 months.

Production time: up to 6 months.

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