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Капли воды

waste and raw materials 
with high humidity

Industrial complex for instant impulse drying of various wastes and raw materials

with high humidity



drying with simultaneous grinding of livestock waste (manure), poultry farming (litter), silt deposits, agricultural and other highly watered waste.

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Pre-treatment of raw materials or waste with a directed pulse significantly improves their reactivity.


During a pulse explosion, the structure of the processed raw material is refined, including an increase in surface area and porosity.


Pulse drying technology requires70%less energy expended to achieve the same result as the mechanical method.


This technology is successfully used for energy-efficient drying of various highly watered wastes, wastes from agriculture and the woodworking industry.


The regulation of the boiling process, i.e. velocity of the internal energy of the wet material, we achieve removal up to90%moisture in liquid form.


During processing,100%destruction of helminths and pathogenic microflora. 


Performance of one complexfrom 12 tons to 50 tons per dayfor input raw materials.


The cost, completeness and performance of the equipment is determined by the terms of referenceCustomer.

Кристаллическая соль


  • Absolutely dry material, with moisture up to12%

  • Adjustable change in the moisture content of the resulting product

  • Pelletizing and granulating dry product

  • Collection of condensate during drying of materials

  • Smokeless discharge of condensate into the atmosphere

  • Odor elimination

  • 100%neutralization from pathogenic microflora and helminths;

  • 100%no flue gases during drying

  • No combustion of hydrocarbon fuels

  • Low power consumption

  • Work in automatic and semi-automatic mode

  • Container version

  • High degree of equipment availability

  • Execution for various climatic zones

  • Production of environmentally friendly biofertilizers:

    • solid

    • liquid

    • pasty 

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