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Equipment sales

We offer various technological equipment for implementation

Thermal oil boiler KTM-90

  • Thermal power 95 kW;

  • Automation;

  • High-temperature oil pump KSB (Germany);

  • Heat carrier temperature up to 350 ºС;

  • Fuel type: waste oil, diesel fuel, gas, heating oil;

  • Execution: horizontal with opening front door for cleaning and maintenance;

  • Own production

Price € 9500

 Installation (pump) for flushing UKO "BUCHA"

Designed for cleaning heating systems and heat exchange equipment from scale, dirt and deposits, removing blockages without disassembling and dismantling.

The equipment is equipped with a pulsed pneumatic generator, a compressor.

• Cleaning of hot water pipelines;
• Cleaning of heating systems in apartment buildings;
• Flushing of heat exchangers;
• Flushing of boilers;
• Complex cleaning of tanks;
• Cleaning of heating systems (radiators);
• Flushing of radiator sections of locomotives and refrigeration units.

Cost 3900 euros

Welding machine / electrolyzer (О 2 / Н )

Cost 1200 euros

Nitrogen station

Screw compressor unit VK7E-10:

  • capacity 700 l / min

  • max pressure 10 bar

Cost 16500 euros

Screw compressor unit VK5E-10:

  • capacity 450 l / min

  • max pressure 10 bar

Cost 16,000 euros

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