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industrial software

We will develop and produce software for control systems for technological equipment and industrial complexes.

  • We develop and produce various process equipment control systems based on the Unitronics programmable logic controllers of the UniStream and UniLogic series with integrated graphic panels and digital / analog inputs and outputs.

  • Application software was developed in the programming environment VisiLogic and UniLogic using the programming language LAD.

  • The local and remote workplaces of the operators are stationary computers, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Visualization is implemented on the basis of a local or cloud WEB server and is provided using HTML5 technology using a standard browser (IE, Microsoft EDGE, Firefox, Opera).

  • The reporting system is based on specialized UniReports software and provides reports in the form of PDF documents with the parallel accumulation of technological parameters in the MSSQL database management system for building more complex and detailed reports.

  • Reports are delivered via e-mail and uploaded to the ftp server. Remote access to the control system is via VNC.

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