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We develop cleaning and clarification technologies for pyrolysis liquids and other petroleum products. We create alternative fuels for use in various industries. Conduct a comprehensive study of physical and chemical properties of the pyrolysis waste products.

Our laboratory is equipped with modern high-tech research equipment.
Our research chemists have degrees and have serious research experience.

Our laboratory is equipped with modern research equipment that allows for comprehensive studies of the physicochemical properties of various types of fuels and pyrolysis liquids.

We are open for cooperation and are ready to provide comprehensive support and assistance in conducting chemical research.

We will be glad to see you in our laboratory!


PhD in Chemistry,

Head of Laboratory


Chemical technologist


Activities of a chemical research laboratory
Aeroenergoprom LLC plant
aimed at:

  • development of technology for the production of alternative fuels and other high-margin products (xylene, toluene, solvents) obtained by the low-temperature pyrolysis method from more than 150 types of waste;

  • development of effective methods for cleaning and clarifying substandard fuels and oils;

  • development of technologies for purification and neutralization of exhaust gases from a pyrolysis plant for the utilization of organic waste;

  • adsorption cleaning and clarification of dark fuels (removal of sulfur and hydrogen sulfide compounds), gas condensate (removal of resins and contaminants);

  • optical microscopic studies of liquid and solid pyrolysis products using a digital microscope;

  • study of the physicochemical properties of gaseous, liquid, and solid pyrolysis products;

  • development of technical specifications for manufactured products.

Laboratory Services

Selection systems purification and neutralization of flue gases

Development of technical specifications for commercial products

Refining and clarification of waste oils and substandard fuels

Selection of fuel additives

Pyrolysis waste processing at the Pulsar plant

Solid (carbon) residue

Liquid Pyrolysis Products

Pyrolysis Gases

Light hydrocarbon fuel

Dark hydrocarbon fuel

Hydrocarbon solvents

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